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Countdown to End Of High School Forever

2005-2006 Senior High School Year

*1st Day of School

*Senior Pictures

*Labor Day Weekend



*Thanksgiving Break

*Mock elections

*Fall College Semester Finals

*Winter Break


*New Years (My 18th Birthday)

*1st Semester Finals

*2nd Semester Starts

*Midwinter Break

*Spring Break

*School Play: Bay Route Manor

*Winter College Semester Finals


*Senior Interview

*Senior Picture

Senior Finals

Graduation Day

Thats all that is left for the class of 2006, 17 days. Then after all I have to look forward is to my graduation party, which is on the 17th of June, but I can't be all excited about that cuz that means I'm completely out of school. Upsetting. So many things this year, and so much more to look forward in life.
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