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A Changed Me?

What do you do, when you try to get ahold of that one person who was suppose to be there till the end, and they place you on a thing to worry about later? I guess I have to move on. Friends aren't permanent but the impact that they make is. Is it so bad that I'm trying to keep in touch to the ones that matter? I guess time will play out. Growing up is what needs to be done. I'm sick of staying home all the time, rotting time away when it can be used toward something useful, like a job. Speaking of a job I filled out applications at Targets, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Old Navy today. And Targets gave me an interview right after finishing the application. Wow, I guess those computer things really work. So hopefully by next week I will begin work so I can finally get the income to get myself a car. I'm thinking of a Focus or something like that, something that will take me to school, work, and whatever social activities I have. Hell me being social I guess I realized that me being with the people I hang around with is really unexpected. Oh yeah for those that have been clueless, I got my drivers license, yeah exciting [I think when I was talking about a car that should have triggered something].Anyways, back to what I was saying, if you asked me last year who would I be hanging out with after High School, the people who I bonded to wouldn't have been on that list. But I like it. But I can't wait for college to start, its going to be a new start and hopefully a new life direction then the one that I'm taking, which seems to just lead me to the things I was use to in Fordson. The weird thing about Fordson is that it seems like a distant memory that has made no impact in who I am, except shelter who I want to be. But that school does that to people, it lowers the ones that are meant for something, and helps the ones who just don't give a fuck a minor push me up to give them the opportunity to walk. Hell what a school that is. Throughout this summer, a major thing that has been on my mind is Christen. I feel that everything is distant and what we had is long gone. But I guess people change, I have I know that, and she has to. She is moving on with great dreams and goals in what she wants to do. I just only wish her the best. All I know is I tried to keep in touch, maybe I stopped trying but I still do try. I'm ending this on the point that yeah I'm a different person then I was. A stronger person & weak one. A smarter & ignorant one also. But one thing hasn't changed I'm still the person who stays up late talking for all hours on the phone about silly things that come off being important with a person I care for.

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