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Wayne State Rocks Me To Sleep

Well yesterday I had my orientation at Wayne State. And believe it or not it isn't the ghetto town I expected it to be. It has that old town feel and is very quite confortable to be at. As long as I'm not there at night. I registered for my classes:

*Intro to Urban Studies (9:35 am - 11:25 am on Monday & Wednesday)
*Intro to Crim Justice (11:45 am - 1:35 pm on Monday & Wednesday)
*World Civilization to 1500 (11:45 am - 12:40 pm on Tuesday & 1:25 pm - 2:50 pm on Thursday)

I know that is only three classes, but each are 4 credits and equals 12 credit hours so I guess that is all that I need.

The people who were talking about how to do the schdules or what-not sucked ass. Honestly I didn't have a clue what I was doing. And I wish someone would have informed me to do this damn orientation sooner because I can't take English this semester because all the English classes are filled basically unless I want to take it on the weekend at 9 at night. But now I have to schedule a meeting with an advisor and become good with finding my classes. That campus is so damn huge as well as confusing, its like the only thing I semi know is where Starbucks is, and honestly that is sad. And the State Hall, was an old high school and I had flashbacks to Fordson, but state hall had bigger lockers and wider halls, was airconditioned, but yeah.

I hated the damn presentations that they had at the orientation. I was trying not to sleep, but I couldn't anyways because the seats were so uncomfortable. And trust me when they posted the crime stats up about the crime rates at Wayne State compared to the rest of the citys, Dearborn is worse then WSU. And Wayne State is considered its own city with their own cops and stuff. So yeah
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