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Went to see the Omen with Sorina. It kinda sucked. Sorina screamed like 5 times during the quote-unquote scary scenes. But it was fun. That child who played Damein needs to a pyschward cause I don't know how anyone can play such a part. But other then that went to school. Took Maloney's first part of our final. I should do good, if not okay. Then had a party during second hour. It was fun. Then left school, went to McDonalds with Rina and Adrianna. Then dropped her off at work. Afterward that me and Rina went to the mall. I had Starbucks and we took one of those pictures with the 4 small pics in it. Then seen the movie then came home. And now I'm here.

1 and a half day left of high school.

Graduation is on Saturday. (I don't wanna grow up)

picture of me and rina

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